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If you wish to proceed. We need the screenshot/transmission slip, including all of the server codes. If you do not have the final download codes, we cannot move the money. However, if you require us to take a screenshot, before releasing the download codes because we have to connect from the same terminal twice, it will cost 61,000 USD. To start, we will issue our agreement to be signed by the beneficiary of 65%. Maximum 3 paymasters have to be appointed to receive the funds, and we charge an extra 1.5% for BTC payments to each paymaster. Once the agreement is signed we will issue an invoice for the payments mentioned here-above. Once the payments are received by us, we will immediately start the clearing process. P.S. If the above terms are not workable, then we cannot assist, you can let your stuck funds hibernate for another winter while dreaming about that home in the South of France. There are 1000’s of companies with funds stuck on the servers and only about five licensed entities capable of clearing the funds.

recover stuck fund

We clear stuck funds resulting from; SWIFT manual download, occasionally SWIFT GPI, IP/IP, IP/ID & DTC operations. 

The way we work is pretty straightforward; we can manage to clear and disburse the funds within no more than 6 hours. All our operations are done either in Poland or in Cambodia. We disburse the funds in bitcoin for an extra 5%. Before pulling the funds, we have to verify the server codes; this process only costs 30,500 USD (this varies depending on the amont of money stuck). The person who wants us to clear their funds must cover this expense. Once the funds’ presence on the servers/cloud is verified, we will proceed with download/redirection and disbursement within 48h. The amounts we process are anywhere between 800,000 USD and 49,000,000 USD per tranche. No more. In the event the company has more than 1B USD on a server/cloud, we can establish a schedule to clear as much as possible, but there is no guarantee that the full amount will be made because usually, banks change server codes within a specific time frame.

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